Taste of the Caribbean in each bite.

Our freshly made patties & plantain waffles are made on the day in our expectational converted trailer. Our trailer tells the stories and tales from our kitchen, our culture, and our heritage giving you an experience you won't forget. All our ingredients are carefully selected making sure quality is at the forefront.

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About Us

Patty Box Co

A small family business with a unique way of celebrating Caribbean food by combining the taste of Barbados & Jamaica. Family is at the heart of Patty Box Co. We're one mother and three daughters, growing up in a Caribbean home. We know the stories that take place in a family kitchen. We pride ourselves in bringing our culture and heritage to our customers by giving them a taste of the Caribbean with each bite. Our history is essential to who we are today. Sadly, for many, it's being forgotten or not shared. Patty Box Co loves sharing those stories with all our customers through our unique photos, stories, tales of our Islands and educational programmes at schools.

In 2020, we started Patty Box Co in our mother's kitchen during the pandemic. The family fancied a Jamaican patty but couldn't find a good one, so we experimented with different spices, herbs, and textures to the pastry until we found the perfect combination. Our signature patties were born.

We offer a twist on the usual Jamaican patty & provide you with a taste of Barbados and Jamaica. Patty Box Co are sustainable & customer-led.

We cater for private events, festival and educational programme. Please use contact us to find out more information. 


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